Impact: Users may experience brief application slowness during the maintenance window. There is no expected service outage during this maintenance, and SACKO will be monitoring all systems throughout the duration of this scheduled maintenance.

Description: This release will address numerous issues and tasks including some customer requested items.

Please see a complete list of release items below:

Email Related Maintenance Items:

Enhancement: Increased Attachment Limitations (50MB)

As your data continues to grow in size, so too does the need to send larger and larger file attachments. SACKO now offers 50MB attachments on both inbound and outbound email. This includes attachments send through desktop clients such as Outlook.

BT-50: Some messages cannot be deleted individually from the Trash folder
For some messages, attempting to delete them individually from the Trash folder would not work. This issue is now resolved, deleting individual messages from the Trash folder now works.

BT-189: No error produced when entering a single letter into the BCC field of the compose window

Some customers periodically experienced a bounce-back email when accidentally entering a single character into the BCC field prior to sending their email message. We are now checking for invalid email addresses in the BCC field and will supply an error message if this condition is encountered.

BT-686: Invalid addresses can wipe out entire CC or BCC field when sending a message
An email address with invalid characters or spaces, when in a long list of recipients would cause the entire list of recipients to be dropped from the CC or BCC field. This condition is now checked and an error is produced if found.

BT-709: Encoding format ISO-2022-JP (for Japanese characters) is not supported
Messages of the ISO-2022-JP encoding type were not being properly displayed in the SACKO web application. All messages are now properly displayed.

BT-782: Unable to attach files with foreign characters in the file name

Attaching a file with Chinese characters in the filename would cause an error and strange behavior within the compose window. This has been addressed and attachments with these characters are now permitted and uploaded correctly.

Calendar & My Day Related Maintenance Items:

BT-703: Clearing My Day “Special Events” failed to clear the events permanently.
The notifications in MyDay, like holidays and Birthdays would re-appear after the user cleared them and then logged back into the application. Cleared notifications are not permanently removed.

BT-794: Foreign Characters in Calendar Events
Foreign Characters is calendar events and descriptions were not being displayed properly. This has been resolved and now all events and descriptions will properly display the entered foreign characters.

Other Maintenance Items:

BT-684: Updating a user profile in Extranet causes user to be unable to login
Editing a user profile utilizing the Extranet management dashboard, under some circumstances would cause the edited user to be unable to login. This issue has been identified and corrected.