Impact: Users may experience brief application slowness during the maintenance window. There is no expected service outage during this maintenance, and SACKO will be monitoring all systems throughout the duration of this scheduled maintenance.

Description: This release will address numerous issues and tasks including some customer requested items.

Please see a complete list of release items below:

Email Related Maintenance Items:

S-706: Some replies to messages will be blank
For some messages, the replies come through with a blank message. We have enhanced the message processor to prevent this from occurring and your message bodies will be delivered.

S-786: Out of office not working

Some customers periodically experienced an issue with “out of office” not working, scheduling correctly, and saving. These conditions will be resolved and all aspects of “Out of Office” scheduling should work properly.

S-865: Non-standard messages causing issues with mailbox access or viewing messages
Some messages have caused issues during delivery processing which render the mailbox corrupt. This could result in the inability to view the individual message or the entire mailbox. These messages will now be handled properly.

S-797: Canceling hybrid exchange accounts requires call to support
The SACKO system doesn’t currently allow the deletion of Hybrid Exchange accounts using the Enterprise Manager. After this release, Enterprise managers will be able to cancel Hybrid Exchange accounts.

S-869: Messages crash browser on reply/forward
In some cases, messages would cause the browser to crash when a user made a reply or forward. This is resolved by the release.

S-864: Old messages show up with new dates after a “regen”

In some cases, older messages would show up as new messages after a regen process took place on the account. This issue is resolved.

Other Maintenance Items:

S-860: Mailing list preferences don’t work when there are a large number of lists
In cases where there are a large number of mailing lists, the preferences were failing to work properly. This is resolved.

S-866: Some items not working properly in Hosted Exchange control panel within Enterprise Manager
Certain aspects of the Hosted Exchange control panel are not working due to incompatibility between the control panel and Enterprise Manager. After this release, the Hosted Exchange control panel will open up in a new tab when clicked which resolves these issues.