Today we touch on a common problem of why your outgoing emails not working when you travel

My business email works fine when I’m in the office but when I travel outside the office I can’t seem to send emails. But Incoming email continues to work.

This is a very common problem that business people often experience. The problem is caused by a technical setting in your email software. The reason the problem occurs is because large internet providers around Australia block the sending of emails that aren’t sent from their mail servers to reduce spam. For the technical minded they block the outgoing mail server port (25).

Most reputable email providers will provide a different port number so that you can still send outgoing emails when travelling as these different port numbers circumvent the blocking.

For example if using the SACKO business email system you can use port 5125 instead of port 25. If you use another email provider then give them a quick call or email as I’m sure they will have a port you can use.

There are services available on the internet that allow you to utilise their outgoing email server to solve the problem. But there are downsides of using another companies outgoing server. As your emails are then controlled by another third party which can leave you open to certain technical issues depending on your business email setup:

•Outgoing email archiving not working correctly.
•Outgoing server level virus/spam checking not being used
•Outgoing server level email footer not being added

And of course this third party could be storing the information you are sending out.

Not all small businesses will not need to worry about the above points but it is something to consider especially as your business grows.