Many people are talking about NBN and all the updates that are attached to it. Many words have been said and been repeatedly said. But for those that are not so keen on the happenings around, “What’s with NBN that some people are so into it?” Let’s go back to the first question that pop into our mind when we talk about NBN. What is NBN?

Well, NBN stands for National Broadband Network – an ongoing project of Australia’s government aim to provide high-speed and more reliable broadband access across the country through the use of three technologies, namely: Fibre to the premises (FTTP), fixed wireless and satellite services. It is expected that approximately 93 percent of Australians will have a touch of NBN through Fibre to the premises technology and the remaining 7 percent will be covered by both fixed wireless and satellite services.

NBN Co. was established by the Australian Government to draft, design and to provide the NBN wholesale while the different broadband and phone service providers will be the one retailing it to the consumers.  The project started with a trial rollout at Tasmania and as of this moment, many premises in Australia has been part of the rollout already which will be hopefully completed by June 2021.

Now, basically all of us are wondering what NBN can do to our life. Why is the government spending billions of dollars for this project? And, will it be advantageous to all of us?

No one will start a project without a goal in the mind. NBN is set to change the ways of telecommunications in Australia. Up until now, we are using the copper technology to access internet which leaves us behind the leading countries in the world. With three advance technologies involved in this project, we can now be assured of a better future ahead of us in terms of telecommunication infrastructure with the promise of speed up to 100 mbps. Now is it enticing? NBN is not just about speed. National Broadband Network affects different aspects of our economy and our lives as well, it can transform the way we learn new things, get in touch with our love ones, handle our business and even how we protect our health. This can all happen through internet which is the main reason of NBN – to improve our internet access. It all boils down to the improvisation of what ordinary internet access can do and innovate it. And yes, it is all advantageous to us most especially in the business sector.

To enumerate few benefits of NBN to Australian Businesses, here are the following:

  • First and foremost, it can allow us to upload bigger files at lesser time which means saving us time that can be allocated to other works.
  • It can keep us updated to what is happening around us meaning we can also catch up with the new trends that may be subject to our business
  • It can provide new ways to communicate and interact with our customers through live chats and video calls
  • Have the possibility of extended online trading if you have online business
  • Have your business increase international opportunities for sales and the chance to expand in international market
  • Better potential of having highly skilled professionals and retain staff who are not living near your business place through teleworking
  • The benefit of having several and constant VOIP telephone lines to your business through the use of internet
  • The opportunity of not being away to your business to attend meetings to other places through videoconferencing which can also save you travel expenses and time
  • Generally, it can cost you less than what you are using now.

With today’s world that certainly revolves around the internet, there’s more to NBN than what we are experiencing now. Businesses are what keep Australian economy running that’s why services provided over the NBN are expected to be more of an asset to the business sector most especially to those smaller communities and hard to reach locations that have lower broadband access.