As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure all of our servers are operating and maintained to the highest of performance levels, SACKO will be performing maintenance on the SACKO Suite server.

Maintenance Details:

This maintenance will perform necessary firmware upgrades for the physical server. After the upgrade is completed, the server will require a reboot. SACKO Suite will be gracefully shut down, and then restarted after the host server is brought online. During the maintenance window, you will experience up to two service outages, each lasting less than 15 minutes. SACKO staff will be monitoring the upgrade process and will respond quickly should issues arise.

Maintenance Start Date & Time (AEDT): Tuesday – 3rd September, 2013 22:00
Maintenance End Date & Time (AEDT): Wednesday – 4th September, 2013 06:00
Status: Scheduled
Maintenance Type: Firmware Upgrades
Expected Downtime: Less than 30 minutes