Fraudulent activities are everywhere and the internet is no exception. The most you can do is beware of the various ongoing scams. These precautions don’t only cover with what you are doing with your personal computers but also with people pretending to help you through phone call.

An example of this phone scam is a call claiming to be from Microsoft. These scammers use well-known companies such as Microsoft and other similar company’s names to trick people into the scam. The scammers randomly cold call people and tell them one of the below:

  • They have detected that there are something wrong on your PC (even if there’s not).
  • They will tell you that your computer has malwares and viruses that are high risk.
  • A certain software license has expired and should be renewed immediately.

You might be surprised that they know you by name but that’s just because they use public phone directories. They will then ask your personal information and will let you walk through your computer to see the “problems” they have detected. Scammers will offer you help to get rid of these bogus computer problems. In some cases, they will need you to install software that will let them access your PC so that they can help you.

Don’t be fooled! This pretend help from so-called Microsoft tech support are not helpful at all; in fact, most likely will be the reason why you will end up with viruses on your PC.  Be mindful; protect your computer and vital data by bearing in mind the following information:

  •   Do not provide personal information especially through phone call.
  •   Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls for software fixes.
  •   Never provide your credit card information to someone claiming to be a tech support.
  •   If there is a fee associated with the bogus help, hang up immediately.
  •   Do not let them access your computer by installing software in which they ask you to do so.
  •   Change your password regularly.
  •   Keep your anti-virus software updated.

Microsoft phone scam has started years ago but is continually ongoing and comes in many different forms.

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