Just starting your business and asking yourself on whether you should get a Mac or not? This article aims to help you and many other confused business owners in deciding what would be best.

Macintosh or Mac as we all know is a brand manufactured by Apple Inc. – one of the leading technology companies in the world. Unlike the many other technology brands like; Asus, HP, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Dell and Lenovo that include the latest version of Microsoft Windows. A Mac includes Apples operating system software.

Whether it is a laptop, desktop computer; it is in utmost important that you know the Pros and Cons before going out and purchasing that shiny new desktop or laptop computer.

Also it is important to remember that the below pros and cons are just for Apple’s desktop and laptop computers and doesn’t apply to their range of iPhone and iPads as these have completely different set of pros and cons:


  • Less Viruses/Malware – Mac viruses do exist, but are very rare. Due to Macs being a small percentage of computers they are rarely the target of viruses.
  • Easy to use – Some may find Mac hard to use especially if they were attached to using Windows PC before, but once they master the intuitive Mac interface, some find it easier to use for basic tasks.
  • Reliability and Quality – Like many other Apple products, Mac machines are built with higher quality materials which give its users less worries when it comes to hardware problems.
  • Other-OS Abled – Aside from having its official operating system (Mac OS), Mac also allows other OS to run to its machine, most notably Microsoft Windows. So you can still run all the normal software that you would expect but at an additional cost on top of the initial Mac purchase.
  • High-class Designs – With its sleek and elegant design, one can surely easily recognize a Macintosh brand. From its polished edge by edge structure down to its brilliant graphics, Mac really does have an eye for head-turning designs.
  • Unique Software –Mac computers have exclusive software that are only available for its users. These apps are great especially when it comes to photo, music and movie editing.
  • Support Availability – Mac’s service support is highly plausible. Having customer support hotline and a Genius Bar help desk at almost (if not all) Apple Store, you’ll be most likely to receive troubleshooting solutions on the spot and resolve any issues quickly. It is important to remember that the Genius bar doesn’t provide onsite support and your closest Apple Store may be some distance away.


  • Overpriced – Let’s face it, almost all Apple prods are quite overpriced. With the same specs as a Windows PC, you’ll get almost twice the price for one Mac.
  • Most Software will not work – Leaving aside the fact that Macs can also run Windows, the majority of programs still don’t work on a Mac. So it isn’t uncommon to be told that you can’t do that on a Mac and then still have to use a windows PC for that task. Also in some circumstances where a Mac version of a program is available it is normally at a premium cost compared with the windows based version.
  • Difficult to Troubleshoot – Trying to troubleshoot a problem by yourself? Think again! Unlike Windows, when a Mac gets into an issue (may it be a software or hardware); it’s real hard for an ordinary user to fix it. So before worse comes to worst, it would be best to direct the problem to a certified technician of Apple which can be hard to locate.
  • Limited Compatibility/Customization – Since Mac OS is only available for Macintosh Products, you might find when purchasing accessories you have a limited selection. Also, you’ll have less freedom in customizing an Apple Mac.
  • Updates / Upgrades – Mac upgrades are relatively expensive. If you want every part of your machine to be updated, you’ll be better off to just buy a new one.

Having read all the Pros and Cons, it’s all up to you now on whether you should get a Mac or a Microsoft Windows based computer but we suggest if you are unsure to contact your local IT Specialist to determine what would suit your business needs best.

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