Is your computer running slow? Does your tablet hardly recognize your “touch” anymore? And, are you having a hard time sending and receiving any messages/calls from your mobile phone? If your gadgets are having these kinds of problems, then you might need to have an upgrade already for these are some of the signs that your gadgets are getting old.

In a world where the most inevitable thing is change, it is a must to know what is “trending” for us not to be left behind. Your computer is considered old if it is still in a CRT monitor running on a Windows XP operating system and has a Pentium type of a processor. Assuming that it is still working fine, will you not be jealous if your friend has an LCD Flat screen monitor running on a Windows 7 or 8 operating system and has an Intel Core i7 processor plus 24GB of RAM? I’m pretty sure all of us want that too.

Did you know that tablets have been used since the 1950s? Yes, but they weren’t being utilized the way we do now. It’s not until 2010 that Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet began the new generation of tablet computers. Now, if you are one of the first to buy those tablets, then you should be thinking of replacing it already. Why? It is because new waves of tablets with better specs are being released less than a year after the latest tablet has been launched. Let’s just take for example Samsung’s Galaxy tab. When it was first released, it only uses Android 2.2.1 Froyo as it basis for its operating system whilst having a 7-inch LCD display. Now with its latest version, you will be able to use Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS.

Let go to mobile phones. I know most of us already knew what the trend is when we talk about mobile phones. Basically, we can say that mobile phones are the most evolved kind of technology and also the most important. One can say that a phone is out of age when the only thing that your phone can do is just call and text and it still has the classic Snake and Solitaire games on it and when it still uses infrared to transfer data from one to another. Compare it to the phones today. Big differences right? Most advanced mobile phones uses Android or IOS for the operating system and with that, you can almost do everything you need and want, from downloading your favorite games, to video chatting, to watching your favorite TV shows, paying your bills and the list continues.

Some says that it is not good to invest in technology for it changes very rapidly. But the thing is we can’t help but to go with the flow and accept it. The very reason why these happen is because consumers want this also and manufacturers are very eager to meet with our demand.

It is not necessarily the years, months or days that make a thing old. Some things are already considered old even if we just bought it days ago. It’s the usefulness and reliability that we count on.

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