Australia Post Launches Online Mail Box

The days of needing to check your letter box might be behind us as Australia Post has launched a new online mail box service.  Think of it exactly like your current mail box but instead of going to the front yard to check your mail you will simply start up your computer.

Australia Post is promoting a few added benefits of being able to pay bills and store files in the one place.

One of the main advantages besides speed of delivery to your online mail box is the added security. As you no longer need to worry about someone going through your mail before you have a chance to check your letter box at home.

They plan to offer the service free to all users and it is unknown if or how much Australia Post plans to charge business or other users to send mail to your virtual mail box.

Of course your online mail box can’t receive packages that arrive at your door so looks like the Australia Post Courier driver still has a job.

You can read more about the new service and register your interest by the link below: