Computer Purchasing Tips

Having difficulty in buying a computer? Below are some of the tips that might help you figure out the computer that will suit you well.

Know your Budget                                              

–  What you have in your pocket can give you a better idea on the computer that you are going to purchase. If you have bigger budget, then it’s good to go for brand new ones for you can be sure that it’s covered with warranty plus the fact that it goes with better quality. For those who have lower budget, don’t worry. There are still brand new PC’s that are not that expensive, you could also go for refurbished computers or used ones if you really do have a tight budget. Refurbished computers are those that have been returned to the supplier because of some little defects that are then repaired and are released not as new but good products.

Know your Usage Requirement

–  Are you a heavy user such as a gamer? If yes, then you will be needing computers with high CPU speed (that’s at least 3GHz), bigger RAM (at least 16GB) and a dedicated graphic card with at least 1GB of memory. But if you’re only using your computer for surfing the internet, watching videos, etc., then a good computer for you will be at least 4-8GB of RAM and with 3GHz CPU speed.

Purchase from a Reputable Supplier                     

–  This is to ensure that your machine is well covered with the right warranty and that you will not be having difficulties asking for technical support when your purchased PC will be having problems. Also, purchasing from a retailer that is reputable is a great advantage especially if you have limited knowledge about computers. A reputable supplier can even help you choose the computer that will suit you well and not just what they have in stock.

Read and Understand the Warranty and Support for the Product.

–  Take time to read and understand the warranty that will be covering your machine. Be it a reminder that there are computers that are not covered with any warranty at all that’s why it’s a must that we know about it. Also, warranties have certain limitations that we need to know. An example of this is normally warranty is not extended to software issues.

Make sure the Computer comes with a Licensed Software as an Operating System.

–  Not all computers come with an operating system.  Operating System or OS can be considered the heart and soul of a computer, without it, your computer will be useless. There are licenses that are for free such as Ubuntu (Linux) just make sure that you are downloading it from a safe source. There are also computer packages that already have a licensed operating system together with it; most buyers take advantage with these packages.

Bring a friend that is Knowledgeable enough when it comes to Computer

–  These might be considered as your last resort when you really don’t have knowledge about computers. This person will really be of great help not only because of what they know but also at times when you’re having difficulty on choosing over two or more computers. They serve as your “second opinion.”  If you don’t have a close friend that can help with this then it is suggested that you contact one of our local IT Specialist as they will be able to help.

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