End of XP Support – What does it mean?

Are you still running a Windows XP computer? If so you should be aware that on the 8th of April 2014, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP after supporting it for over 12 years.

Launched in October 2001, Windows XP has gone through a lot of transformation already and had been the most used Operating System after Windows 7.

So for support for Windows XP ending what does that mean?

  • Now when you have an issues with Windows XP and you try to contact Microsoft for help they will no longer be able to help with anything related to Windows XP.
  • Microsoft has been very keen on improving and shielding XP system against malwares and security risks through continuous and numerous updates. An unsupported XP would mean that it will no longer be receiving any updates; may it be a software update or a security update. That’s a serious matter. Not receiving updates would signify that your computer is on a red alert level as it will be vulnerable to malicious software and malware that could possibly steal essential data stored in your PC.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials which is Microsoft free Anti-Virus software will also no longer be downloadable for computers running Windows XP.
  • Other issue that might arise in the termination of XP support is its incompatibility to devices and apps as more developers adapt to newer version of Windows. Also, newly-detected OS-bugs will no longer be amended by Microsoft.

Now what should you do?

Upgrading to the latest version of Windows is the first thing that you should consider for your computer to stay protected and continuously receive vital updates. This is applicable to almost all computers though it would be best to check your system requirements. If you are unsure about this we would recommend contacting your local IT Specialist to confirm what would be best.

If your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements for the new version of windows you plan to use then you need to look at updating your computer or purchasing an entire new computer. Various methods are available to transfer all your files and settings so you don’t have to worry about being without all your normal files. Windows XP has been a great operating system but with the various technology advancements it is time to bid it farewell.

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