I purchased a computer but can't find Microsoft Word


Who amongst us doesn’t have personal computers? Or even own a laptop? With all the advancements in technology that we have right now, having our own computer is becoming a necessity. But what use is a new computer or laptop without any software on it?

One of the most important application software is the Microsoft Word. It is considered as the primary product of Microsoft Office together with MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and uses the file extension .DOC or DOCX. It is a word processing application which is created by Microsoft, it runs in almost all operating system there is. Most people buy their own computers for this application software. But the problem is it isn’t pre-installed.

The very reason why Microsoft Office or even MS Word isn’t pre-installed to Windows computers is that it is two different products that should be bought individually. It was never included with Windows and has always been a paid application. Sometime before, about all new computers have been included with the very basic version of MS Office which includes Word but it has now ended. What remains now is only the WordPad which is available to all Windows computers.  You might be hearing people saying that they have bought computer with an MS Word included to it but the truth is, it might be only a part of a package deal when they purchased the computer from the store.

Microsoft offers a free trial of its MS Office products for 30 or 60 days in most cases. After 30 days or, if we want the Word, we can buy it alone, a part of MS Office or as a part of the annually subscripted Office 365 Home Premium. Though it is a bit pricey, we can be assured of a safe use, the ability to transfer it from one machine to another and with no advertisements included.

So next time you’re looking to purchase a new computer, laptop or tablet PC it is worth considering if you also need to purchase Microsoft Office as well.