Passwords and Why so Many Different Types



Are you sure that your password is secure?

Passwords are what we use to prove our identity and access our data. These are the string of computer characters that we should keep confidential so our data is secure.

Now that almost everything is stored on computers and the internet, cybercriminals are now more than ever determined to find a way to access your computer or data stored on the internet. With a string of larger companies being hacked in the last few years like Ebay, Target, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Sony and Google just to name a few. With technology moving faster and faster we need to be mindful that these cybercriminals can target any company no matter how large or small and they are always looking for weakness they can attack.

To stay ahead of these cybercriminals a few simple steps can be taken to reduce your risk. The below important password tips will help make your passwords more secure:

Creating a Password DO’s:

  • Change your password regularly (At least every six months)
  • Create a password that is a mixed of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters
  • Memorize your password
  • Keep your password confidential

 Creating a Password DONT’s

  • Don’t use one password for all your accounts
  • Don’t use a simple word as a password
  • Don’t use a password that can easily be related to you (Such as the name of your pet, husband/wife, children and relatives as well as the dates that are significant to you (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.))
  • Don’t use a simple pattern (such as “qwerty” or “987456321”)
  • Don’t use one-type-of-character password (eg. “MARY”, “mary”, “1234”, or “!@#$” )
  • Don’t write your password down in an easy to find places

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