SACKO Suite 0.6.7 Released




This update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed issue when using the launch account button from a parent account not being able to upload a logo in the branding area.
  • Fixed bug of not all users being able to access the My Profile area to edit their details.
  • Fixed issue with the final price possibly giving an incorrect figure in the price calculator due to the calculations still occurring. Now when this happens a Please Wait….. will be shown.
  • Bug where news when edited would appear as the last news item posted.


And brings the following new features:

  • Improved security to automatically lock an account if the password is entered incorrectly more than 5 times. This is to stop brute force hacking attempts.
  • Added the ability to be able to lock and unlock an account from the user area.
  • Added the ability to be able to sort accounts in the user area by active, locked and deleted to make it easier to locate an account.
  • Can now recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin located in the top right hand corner of the application. This new feature allows you to restore files that you have deleted yourself along with files you have access to throughout the company. Files from the following modules can be recovered:

o   News

o   Documents

o   Articles

o   Price Calculator

o   Leads

o   Contacts

o   Accounts

o   Inventory

o   Quotes

o   Sales Order

o   Invoice

o   Supplier

o   Purchase Order


  • Add new initial and signature fields into the My Profile area.
  • Improvements to the date fields so international formats will work along with the ability to control in the PDF manager how the date appears.

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