SACKO Suite 0.6.9 Released

We are pleased to announce the latest update to the SACKO Suite application. This update brings a range of new features and nearly 100 bug fixes. Further major improvements to the application will be released throughout the year.

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed various access level permission bugs in the document module
  • Fixed various access level permission bugs in the article module
  • Fixed various access level permission bugs in the price calculator module
  • Fixed inactive field bug in the CRM module in the settings List of fields area
  • Fixed Change Menu Order bugs in the settings area of the application
  • Fixed Incorrect spelling in search module
  • Fixed empty space issue in search module
  • Fixed deleted items from appearing in the CRM More Information area
  • Fixed attaching file bug in the CRM More Information area
  • Fixed email template saving issue
  • Fixed Skype ID field from displaying in the Accounts module when disabled bug
  • Fixed new users from not seeing the My Profile area bug
  • Fixed various access level permission bugs in the CRM modules
  • Fixed various bugs in the Access Control System when creating new sub reseller accounts
  • Fixed slow page load time when lots of CRM records are added to each CRM module
  • Fixed SMTP settings from generating an error with certain authentication settings
  • Fixed assign account not working in CRM modules
  • Fixed CRM records not sorting correctly when being sorted by a particular category
  • Fixed double record bug from displaying in the search module
  • Removed old previously used CRM fields form the application


And brings the following new features:

  • Responsive design throughout the application to work better on tablets and mobile devices
  • Reporting and Charting module added to the application
  • Improvements to the Record Numbering setting with prefix options
  • Now can convert a lead into a contact
  • Search module layout improvements
  • Improved Inventory formatting in the CRM modules
  • Changed reload page when editing CRM records
  • Updated the icons in the Article section to have a modern look and feel
  • Improved control of the look and feel of the application with more colour options available
  • Quickly add or remove all privileges when setting user access roles in the Articles and Documents module
  • Now all new created accounts/users will by default have the currency set as AUD and GST as the tax
  • Responsive design login page for the application
  • Removed the side menu from appearing on the homepage for future dashboard improvements
  • Added new site branding colour selection tool that works in Google Chrome
  • Intranet modules now appear individually in the ACS so it is easier to update access levels
  • Application updated to make better use of the latest PHP and MySQL versions
  • New storage space usage bar appears in the My Profile area of the application

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