Website Maintenance is key to your business. The affects of a poorly set up or ineffective website can really impact your business and bottom line.

There are 4 key reasons to keep your website regularly maintained:

1.  SEO - you want your clients to find you when searching online for your business or service that you offer.

SEO standard for search engine optimization and Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc all use this to match your business with an end user search. Poor SEO content in your website will make it almost impossible to you to rank in a search engine.

2.  Security

Constant maintenance of your website means less opportunity for hackers to find holes in your website. This keeps your data and your clients data secure by updating your security software

3.  Fresh Website/Refresh

Refreshing your website give visitors to your site a reason to stay on longer/visit and results in more sales or interaction with potential customers.

4.  Brand Image

First impressions are important. A well laid out website give your brands image a major boost.

With all this in mind. SACKO is here to give your website the maintenance and support it needs. Our Team are specialist in the field and ready to customise a working solution to suit your business model.

Website Maintenance

SACKO website maintenance services include:

  • Website Maintenance - SEO, Content Writing, Image Refresh or Redesign, Site Testing
  • WordPress Management & Maintenance and Support. Installations of update or plugins as well as Hosting and Domain Names
  • Website Health Check - review of your security and search for any malware. Update of software and resolve errors to secure your website.
    Please visit our Website security page for more information.