Is your website safe from hackers?

Hackers tend to target small and medium size businesses. This is because they typically don’t have any website security measures in place. They use advanced techniques to find weaknesses in your website, making it very easy for them to place malware on your site. This malware can rapidly spread viruses, steal personal or financial information and hijack computers or websites.

Does your website have the potential to be compromised? Search engines like Google can detect these sites and immediately ban it from its search results. Website's play a central role in business today and website security is paramount to ensuring your business runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Downtime to your business via your website can play havoc with your bottom line reputability as a business.

What to do in an event of an attack?

Your first step is to make sure you secure your storage of information and the security of your website users.  After a successful hacking attack you will have malicious code attached to your website. This can result in the loss of your user database with all contact details and passwords. We often hear in the media that large corporations have had a security breach and the customer database has been compromised.  Our SACKO Website Security Services will offer protection against this happening.

SACKO’s Website Security Service will scan your website daily to detect and remove any hidden malware or compromised files. This comprehensive analysis of your website will ensure your site is always secure and free from any harmful damage. Our IT Specialist are available to help get you started in securing your business today. Protect your most valuable asset. Call us to find out how. Our Team is ready to take your call.


Website Security