SACKO provides a secure email hosting service for businesses throughout Australia.

Our technicians offer a hosting service that secures access to your saved data. We also ensure that we use the most reliable and trustworthy anti-spam and anti-virus filters available. It allows users to securely send and receive emails using their custom domain based email accounts. Our service protects incoming and outgoing emails and are managed by a separate shared or dedicated mail server. By engaging SACKO we will save you time and money and eliminate the need to employ and manage more staff. We give you back your time and resources to work on your business.

SACKO's email hosting service includes:

  • Unique and professional email addresses that give your business the edge.
  • Customise a solution to suit your individual business requirement.
  • Management of email servers and securing them from spam and attacks.
  • Archiving and filtering of your emails.
  • Secure encrypted access to keep your messages as safe as possible.
  • Australian Technical Support - SACKO will provide you a dedicated IT Specialist to take care of your account.

Advantages of using SACKO's Email Hosting Service:

  • Protection against a password, hacks or breach - robust antivirus and spam filters
  • No hardware or software issues in maintaining email servers
  • More storage space - emails and files are stored on a secure server
  • Personalised domain name - assists in building your business brand
  • Email syncing across multiple devices
  • Ability to receive large files/attachments
  • Backup/archiving of emails and files
Email Hosting

Our IT Specialists understand the importance of email security. In todays current environment we hear constantly about security breaches.  Our team will take the time to review your current setup and customise a solution that suits your day to day requirements. Our service offers safe and secure management of your email system. Contact a SACKO representative today to get started. We're here to help. Ph:  1300 072 256.