Why is my internet slow at certain times?

This is the most irritating question we have when we are in the middle of doing something using the internet and then suddenly, the page takes time to load up, the video stops and continues in inferior quality or worst, the page says “The connection has time out.” All of us wonder what had happened and in the end we choose to give up on what we’re doing because of the slow connection.

But why is that happening? Well, there can be various reasons for this.

It might be because of the internet plan or the service provider you currently have. Or if you’re plan is only on a Kbps connection, then you should expect much slower internet speeds than plans that are running on Mbps, same happens when you are using dial-up or certain wireless connections compared to fixed broadband. The time and the number of people connecting may also have an impact to the speed of the internet. Usually, if you are using the internet during peak periods say between the finish of school through to early evening the internet connection can be slower than if you are using it at 2am in the morning.

It might also be that you are opening too many tabs already (and also downloading something), that even if you’re connection is on Mbps, you’re network is still running slow. Other reasons can be that the website you are opening contains heavy files, or is hosted in another part of the world, there are many users visiting the website or it is revamping or having maintenance performed.

There are times also that the computer itself is the problem so you should seek support directly to persons who has computer knowledge preferably an experienced IT Specialist for this kind of problem.

These are just few of the many instances that could be the reason why your internet is running slow at certain times.