SACKO’s Fixed Wireless NBN service connects data transmitted over radio signals to connect premises to the NBN network.

The fixed wireless service is typically used in more remote areas where there is a large distance between premises.

This type of service will require a specific type of install. The main items required are:

  • An outdoor antenna that is attached to the premises.
  • Connection box
  • Cabling
  • Licensed / approved NBN Installer

This connection can only be undertaken by an approved and accredited NBN Installer.

Contact the SACKO team today. Our technicians will arrange to come to site and test to see where the closest fixed wireless signal is located. This is to ensure that this service is suitable for your premises. They will then make a plan moving forward to do the installation at a time convenient to you.

In the majority of cases this service will be the solution to connecting your premises to the internet. If in the event that Fixed Wireless NBN service is not suitable for your premises SACKO offers another alternative service to get you connected.

Fixed Wireless NBN

SACKO NBN Satellite

NBN Satellite Service is another option available to you if Fixed Wireless is not suitable for your location.

How does this work? Currently, there are satellite dishes at ten ground stations at various locations across Australia.

These ground stations are connected to the NBN depot in Sydney via optical fibre links.

Satellite NBN Connection

The satellite dishes then beam internet signals to two state-of-the-art-satellites out in space which in turn beam that same signal to regional and remote homes where it’s received via a much smaller satellite dish.

Your connection will be then received via an approved NBN Satellite Modem which will be installed in your premises.

The main items required are:

  • An outdoor satellite dish which will connected to the roof of your premises
  • Router/Modem installed in your property
  • Licensed / approved NBN Installer

An NBN Satellite Modem is installed where the cable from the roof enters your home and that connects to a router.

Contact the SACKO team today. Our technicians will arrange to come to site and work through the plan and installation with you.

Please get in touch - we're here to help.