It's a dangerous world we live in today and it is important to protect yourself and your businesses assets with security cameras. At SACKO, we provide tailored security camera solutions to fit your business and home needs.

Having equipment or tools, or personal items stolen from your workplace or home is costly. Not only is there an expense to replace these items, but the downtime to your business can impact your bottom line significantly. Then this is the cost to fix any damage to your business or home. Taking time out of your day to organise all this adds up quickly.

Keeping your family, employees, property, and valuables safe and secure with a 24-hour security system installation is important.

Take control back and protect your most valuable assets. Keep an eye on day to day activity with remote monitoring and CCTV camera recordings.

From offices, workspaces and homes, we can customise a solution to best suit your needs. If you’re unsure which option will suit you environment SACKO can provide you with expert advice so you can make the best decision. Book a consultation today for an obligation free quote with one of our specialists.  Find out more about how we can help you improve your security system. Ph: 1300 072 256.

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