What are the information security trends in the near future?

The top 5 information security trends we are starting to see or will start seeing in the near future are:


Attacks Are Only Going To Increase

Although this might seem obvious the number of attacks will continue to grow, and the level of sophistication will also continue to improve. This is important to remember when thinking about your information security.


Artificial Intelligence And Automated Hacking

As artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to improve it is allowing for many tasks that where once a manual process to be automated which is starting to open up the world of automated hacking. This is allowing hackers to attack a much larger number of people in a very short time frame.


State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare

We will continue to see an increase in the number of State-Sponsored cyber warfare attacks. If you have dealt with government bodies and larger companies you may become a direct target or unfortunately end up being affected by a data breach. It isn't just state sponsored attacks that are occurring, we are starting to see well organised businesses targeting other businesses to steal intellectual property so they have a competitive advantage.


Cloud Is Also A Potentially Vulnerability

Storing everything in the cloud doesn't mean you are automatically protected from the various information security threats that currently exists. You need to make sure that it has been setup correctly and is continued to be maintained so you are protected from the ever-growing threats as they emerge.


Mobile Is The New Target

We are living in a mobile world, and more of us are working from home or a remote location. Threats can come from anywhere, at any time and on any network or device. The days of just having to protect the network at the office and the computers within this building are over.

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