Windows 8 The Next Big Release from Microsoft

In IT circles Windows 8 talk has been popping up for a while on and off now but few people have heard much about it.

Well Microsoft has thankfully released videos and demos showing of a pre-release version of the software so we can all get an insight into what it means when we upgrade from Windows 7.

Using the software myself two main things became apparent very quickly.

First thing I noticed was that it looked like nothing we have ever seen from Microsoft and the second being that it seemed quick compared to Windows 7 even when being used on an old computer. So maybe needing to make a coffee first thing in the morning while your computer loads a thing of the past.

So besides some of these changes why would I want to use Windows 8 over Window 7 or even the old trusty Windows XP.

  • Touch enabled just like your smartphone
  • Better Syncing for your work, home computers and laptops so no need to bring your USB pen drive from home to work
  • Support for apps like what Google and Apple use through the new windows store
  • Picture password so no more needing to remember a password to login

Microsoft is yet to release any news about when we should expect to see this in the store but many people believe that it will be released before Christmas.

For those who can’t wait and would like to see how the new Windows 8 will look see the below video.