SACKO Suite 0.7.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the latest update to the SACKO Suite application.

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed SQL Syntax error when clicking on the Account – More Information Contact Option
  • Fixed bug in the Intranet Documents area when deleting a folder or file on second page
  • Error when submitting News Item – user_notified doesn’t have a default value
  • Fixed bug with the default branding not working correctly on new account creation
  • MySQL error when creating a folder with ‘ in the name – Documents Module
  • Fixed Field Size in Log Support Ticket and Single SMS pages
  • Fixed bug in the Inventory Services Listing area with only a small number of inventory items appearing on first page.
  • Fixed inventory pop out window sorting feature not working
  • Fixed description information field in CRM module not displaying certain characters correctly
  • Fixed More Info menu displaying incorrectly at random time in the CRM Account Module

And brings the following new features and changes:

  • Removes Group SMS Page in the SMS Module
  • Individual Login URLs with Custom Login Logo and background colour control
  • Updated Access Denied Page appearance
  • Added extra fields the CRM Contacts More Information Area to create an SMS and or support ticket
  • Added Inventory Search Feature to Inventory Services/Products Pop Out
  • Added control of Main Menu Hover Text in the Site Branding area
  • SMS main menu link now opens the Single SMS page
  • Can now Share File/s or Folder/s in Documents Module with users outside the application
  • New Inventory Module Dropdown Sorting Feature
  • Changed the update password page to match the new theme
  • New Add Folder feature in CRM module More Information area instead of currently only being able to add a file.
  • Merged the SMS Single and Group area into the one area
  • Moved the SMS setting area to the Setting section of the application

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